Many Buyers Ask, “Why Should I Use a Realtor?” 


My goal is to help you get the best property at the terms that are most favorable to you.  My main focus is protecting your interests.  As your agent I will: 

  • Evaluate your specific needs and wants and locate properties that fit those specifications. 

  • Assist in determining the amount that you can afford and show you properties in the appropriate price range. 

  • Research selected properties to identify any problems or issues, and help you make an informed decision prior to making an offer on the property. 

  • Advise you on the details and help you write an appropriate offer. 

  • Present your offer. 

  • Expertly negotiate on your behalf. 

  • Assist in making the home buying transaction a smooth and efficient process by coordinating the details from contract acceptance to closing such as home inspections, and communication with your attorney and lender. 

  • AND, most often the  pays the buyer’s agent commission 


Working with one good buyer’s agent will ultimately save you time.  All realtors have access to the same database of homes, and being open and forthcoming with your agent will be to your advantage.  If you are looking at two very different locations, it may be beneficial to use two local area specialists, but it is best to let them both know you are looking at another area with a different realtor.   


Buyer’s Closing Costs 


You may be wondering, “How much is this going to cost me?”  Below is a list of common “out of pocket” expenses: 

  • Mortgage Application 

  • Appraisal  

  • Earnest Money 

  • Attorney 

  • Home Inspection 

  • Homeowners Insurance 

  • Transfer stamps 

The Home-Buying Timeline 

Ever wondered what’s involved in buying a house. Here is a quick overview of the process:


  1. Contact a mortgage lender for pre-approval.  

  1. Begin your home search. (I am happy to help you with this!) 

  1. Once you’ve found THE house, make an offer. 

  1. Negotiate until all terms are agreed upon. 

  1. Have an attorney review the contract 

  1. Schedule a home inspection 

  1. Work with the mortgage lender and supply all required documentation  

  1. (The lender will order an appraisal) 

  1. Secure homeowners insurance 

  1. Transfer utilities 

  1. Complete a final walk-through 

  1. CLOSE 


If this all sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry.  You are in good hands!  I have been through this process many times, and I will be there for you to answer any questions.  RELAX AND ENJOY - this is a fun and exciting time for you!