Seller’s Closing Costs 


You may be wondering, “What expenses will I have when I sell my home?”  Below is a list of customary costs to the sellers:


  • Mortgage Payoff 

  • Title Insurance 

  • Transfer Taxes / Stamps 

  • Survey 

  • Attorney 

  • Homeowner Association Paid Assessment Letter (if applicable) 

  • Real Estate Tax Credit to the Buyers 

  • Real Estate Broker Commission 

  • Home Warranty (if applicable) 

  • Negotiated credits to buyers 

The Home-Selling Timeline 

Ever wondered what’s involved in selling a house? Here is a quick overview of the process: 

  1. Before you list your home “For Sale” (including:) 

  2. Prepare your home to sell 

  3. Work with a Realtor to determine the best list price 

  4. Hire a photographer 

  5. List in the MLS and syndicate to multiple websites for maximum buyer exposure 

  6. While you are on the market: 

  7. Stay prepared for showings 

  8. Review feedback 

  9. Negotiate offers 

  10. Manage details of the sale (including:) 

  11. Attorney Review 

  12. Buyer’s Home Inspection 

  13. Buyer’s Appraisal 

  14. Close 


If this all sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry.  You are in good hands!  I have been through this process many times, and I will be there for you to answer any questions.  RELAX AND ENJOY - this is a fun and exciting time for you! 


Phase 1:  Preparing Your Home

Phase 2: Live Listing Activities

  • Managing Online Activity & Lead Follow-Up

  • Ongoing Clear & Open Communication


Phase 3: Offers, Negotiations, and More

  • Negotiating & Structuring Details of the Sale

  • Managing the details of your sale