First remember you are selling your ‘house’, a property that needs to be marketed. Your ‘home’ and memories go with you.

•Price the house properly

•Accentuate the positives and Identify the negatives. A staging professional can help with making those determinations.

•Replace burned out light bulbs and broken or outdated light fixtures inside and out.

•Remove furniture that impedes passage through the house, and basement. Ensure easy access to mechanical systems like the furnace and the laundry. •Don’t just dump everything into the basement or garage – Buyers go there too! Put items in storage, donate or have a pre-moving sale.

•Organize the garage and basement. Men appreciate the garage space.

•Take things off the walls that are personal and less than 24 inches in size.

•Move the cat box to the garage, basement, perhaps under a small table in the basement with a blanket over it for showings.

•Clean windows inside and out. You’ll get 20% more light through the windows.

•Remember you are selling ‘light’ and ‘space’

•Find a place for all the children’s toys.

•Trim overgrown landscaping and put planters with seasonal flowers on the porch and deck.

•Clean every room ceiling to floor. Give yourself a gift of a cleaning service.

•De-clutter closets, cupboards and pantries. Buyers will be looking inside! 

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